January Misc: Haircut 100, Diss, Norfolk - 14th January 2018

Isobel's off to Lanzarote, so Nosher and the boys are hanging around getting hair cuts, eating sausages and exploring the new Mere boardwalk. Before Isobel goes, we go to Norwich to see Ferdinand (Isobel plus the boys) and the new Star Wars (Nosher) followed by some food in Nando's. Finally, the "Brome Triangle" (which is like the Bermuda Triangle except without the missing ships and aeroplanes) sees some post-nuclear-war levels of clearance and destruction as work starts on some new small factory unit.

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The boys make stuff in Nando's, Norwich

Fred hugs the car in the strange warehouse-roofed Riverside carpark

Fred gets a haircut in Gavin Doe's barbers in Diss

Harry waits for a chop

Harry in the barber's

It's Harry's turn in the big chair

Every so often, when a charity shop closes down again, the old Curry's sign re-appears on Mere Street

Harry and the nice old mosaic Currys door step

The boys eat sausage by the Mere

Some dude has an extremely-long fishing rod

Fred gives a tiny bit of bread to a duck

Fred chases the pigeons, which explode up into the sky

The geese roam around the Mere, looking for trouble

A million 'fluttering disease-bags' cling to the tiles of the public bogs

Grandad pushes the boys around

Grandad then almost knackers himself by having a go too

There's some 'keyhole' demolition going on near the park

The boys on a swing

We go and explore the new boardwalk across the corner of the Mere

Reflected houses

On the boardwalk

The view from the top

Mere Street is quiet on a Sunday

Mere Street, and Hemstock's jewellers

The Brome triangle finally gets some building, but looks like a war zone

The former Brome Swan, over the wasteland

Epic clearances

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The boys make stuff in Nando's, Norwich