Christmas Day and The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 25th December 2017

Whilst it seemed that there was more than one "official last-ever beer" in the Swan Inn, which closed earlier in 2017 due to retirement, this surely is the absolute last as Big Al was planning to take the bar out early in the new year. However, for a few hours it was almost like old times - albeit with no Twiglets, crisps or spirit rounds. Instead, Alan's put on a pin of Adnams Broadside, three pints of which on a Christmas day is somewhat challenging. Then, it's Christmas dinner and, the following day, a bike ride up to the Eye Queen's Head for a bowl of chips, and then - finally - construction of the Lego X-Wing, purchased way back in March from the actual Legoland.

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The boys get in some early present-opening

Isobel goes for a Christmas run in some very festive leggings and hat

There's another round of presents

The boys build Lego

Isobel and Boris - Stripey Cat - help out

Boris does his bi-directional ear thing

Harry and a bit of Lego

Christmas construction

Boris gets festive

Fred trundles through the Oaksmere's grounds on the way to the Swan, with flute in hand

Harry and Isobel on the Oaksmere's drive

The Swan, minus its sign

Harry and Isobel wait to cross the road

Alan pours half a Broadside from his pin

Marc's even got a dinner jacket on

Fred plays flute whilst Suey talks to Harry

Mick the Brick

Apple and The Boy Phil look at some old pictures

Pip and Apple head off

Jessica helps out

Alan inspects a rogue light in the Swan kitchen

Sandi and Gaz pile in

Harry talks to Al

From this angle, the old pub still looks just like it used to

Marc roams around

Alan's keg pumps

The Brome Swan bear, and the sadly-empty snack bins

The Swan's missing sign

Fred runs off

The boys run off up the tree canyon

Stark winter trees

Harry's got a nice stick

Harry waves his stick around a bit more

Fred helps with sprouts

The table is set for dinner

Christmas dinner occurs

Fred's made a Lego spider which is stuck to its 'web' on his bedroom door

The gang cycle off up the Avenue in Brome

We find a horse in a paddock outside the remains of Brome Hall

Horses in a paddock, and the last remains of the original Brome Hall

Fred and a dartboard at the Queen's Head in Eye

At the bar

Fred peers about

Isobel helps Harry to shell his prawns

'When you have lost your inns, drown your empty selves, for you will have lost the last of England'. Quite.

The gang look at some Whatsapp posts

A massive dog comes over to say 'hi'

Apparently, the Queens Head only has one customer at a time, according to the sign

Fred and Isobel head off up Lambseth Street in Eye

The Poe Dameron X-Wing is complete, only nine months after buying it!

Harry is impressed

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The boys get in some early present-opening