A Late November Miscellany, Diss, Brantham and London - 30th November 2017

It's a round-up of randomness, including Halloween down at Diss Station ticket office, the ongoing building of the new Crossrail station on the old Broad Street Station site in London, whilst even more of the British Xylotol/Wardle-Storey site in Brantham is demolished; and more constantly-evolving graffiti on the trackside into Liverpool Street

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Diss Station ticket office is all Halloween-ey

Office buildings, which replaced the old Broad Street station in the 1980s are stripped back to frames for rebuilding

Within the space of a week, the old house next to the White Elephant in Diss has gone completely

There's some especially crap parking outside Screwfix in Diss

The old Wardle-Storey site is chewed up

More digger demolition action

Silver graffiti is definitely popular at the moment

Some graffiti work-in-progress

'Ebot', by new tagger T8C

Previous locals Ofske and Rans make way for T8C

T8C in action again

A tangle of iron, and the bridge over the railway that featured in reversi-cop-thriller 'Rellik'

Impressive street art on a building just down from Brick Lane

Back in Diss, Harry thinks that a Donut van is just too noisy

Some PA is set up for the Diss Christmas Lights turn-on

There are some fire engines in town

A 1996 Saxon fire engine

Harry and Fred like to mess around on the stones outside Morrisons

Sunset under glowering skies

A sunset view across the side field

Back near Manningtree, the demolition diggers are really going at it

Next-door-but-one gets the render on

It snows a bit on the office window

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Diss Station ticket office is all Halloween-ey