A Walk Around Eye, Suffolk - 19th November 2017

Fred and Harry have a bit of a scoot/bike/run around the skate park in Eye, then we head off through the woods for a short walk to Grandad's house

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Isobel roams around near the skate park

Skater graffiti

Isobel's on the phone

Harry cycles about

Harry runs up a ramp

There's another Snoopy hiding in the graffiti

We head off into the woods

Winter tree

Isobel and the boys

A field of something

Harry's got a big stick

There's a feint sun dog and part of a parhelic circle

Isobel and a fallen tree

Fred grabs a bit of tree

Harry climbs around

Harry models his skeleton gloves

Eye church over the meadows

Harry, contra-jour, on a path

How now, brown cow

The boys say hello to the Big Giant Head

Fred gives the head a hug

Wandering up to Grandad's house

Somebody's wrapped their car around a telegraph pole

A derelict house on Lowgate Street in Eye

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Isobel roams around near the skate park