Southwold and Fireworks, Suffolk - 5th November 2017

It's a round-up of randomness, including Fred and Harry at the skate park in Eye; the day when, according to the Daily Mash, the UK's skies were hacked by a rogue Instagram filter; then there's a trip to Southwold and finally an evening of bonfire and fireworks round Alex and Anita's

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Harry runs down a skate ramp

A graffiti Snoopy, on saxophone

Fred on a scooter

The boys run around

Fred hauls Harry up a ramp

The sun is like sunset, but in the middle of the day

Every thing is under a strange orange funk, like the 1970s

Strange skies

A wren decides to visit the office for a bit

Harry and Fred on the beach at Southwold

Harry looks up from his sandcastle building

A couple of golden retrievers swim around in the sea

Fred builds a castle wall

Harry on the sea wall

The gang roam around on the beach

Crepuscular rays light up Southwold

The view from inside the beach café

Time for fish'n'chips

The beach cafe and its bright plastic chairs

Harry has a go of the 2p coin machines

Fred's won a load of tickets

The tickets are fed into the 'ticket eater' machine

Harry loads up another 2p

Hanging around the entrance to the arcade

Just in case we weren't sure where we are, it's 'Southwold Pier' no fewer than four times

Empty car park

Saucy postcard-style decoration on the tourist info beach hut

The beach huts have all been moved into the car park for the winter

Alex has a roaring fire on the go

Gathering round the bonfire

Alex gives the fire a poke

Sparks fly

Alex stands back (but not very far)

A small beer-keg firework lets rip

More firework action

Sparkling traces

There's a nice airburst explosion

Alex toasts marshmallows with a very long stick

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Harry runs down a skate ramp