Fred Goes Ape, High Lodge, Brandon, Suffolk - 24th September 2017

It's Fred's 9th birthday, and to celebrate he decides on a spot of up-a-tree action at Junior Go Ape at High Lodge, near Brandon in Suffolk

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Isobel leads Harry and the boys off to the woods

Fred's got his arms in the air

Isobel sorts the tickets out

The boys get a safety briefing

Fred and Henry test their harnesses out

Fred does the practice wire

The gang stomps off to do the real thing

Harry does one of his fake grin photos

Henry's on a wire

Fred, up in the trees

Henry waits for Fred

Fred's happy to have made it

Isobel watches as Fred and Thomas set off on the cargo net

Fred in the tree-tops

Isobel up a tree

Isobel does the finale zip wire

Look, no hands

Isobel seems happy to be back on land

A bunch of people on giant Segways trundle past

A Picnic breaks out

There are doughnuts for pudding

In the woods is a carved wolf head

The Go Ape boys do a group photo

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Isobel leads Harry and the boys off to the woods