A Seafari Boat Trip, Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland - 3rd August 2017

After a bit of a wander around Kenmare (Ceann Mara), it's time for a boat trip as we head out to sea (well, nearly) on the "Seafari" cruise to see wildlife, in particular a seal colony. The boat leaves from Kenmare harbour, where there's an anxious wait for the rest of the group to variously appear, turns out to be good fun, surviving the inevitable longeurs largely thanks to the chatty and fact-packed Cap'n Birdseye chap at the helm.

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A derelict school in Kenmare

Some derelict factory building

Harry climbs a wooden ladder

Fred hangs out in front of SuperValu - legends of poor spelling

Kenmare high street

Nosher finds a prize: a derelict petrol station

The derelict Kenmare petrol station


Kenmare harbour in the mist

Isobel waits

Fred in his over-sized new jacket

The others join up just in time

Fred and the others explore an old rope

Nico and Fred exchange secret looks

Looking up Kenmare Bay

James and Philly look out to sea

Harry's got ear-muffs on

A gannet bobs about

The gannet takes off

Bird in flight

Fred is roped in to help demonstrate how to act around seal pups

Seals loll about

A seal has a stretch

Close-up claws and whiskers

A boat full

James with binoculars

Cap'n Jasper blows bubbles to the delight of the children

Lua, Fern and Fred

The captain waves us off

There's a key balanced on a post

The boys interact with some sculpture

The Kenmare ice-cream cow

Harry and Isobel, walking back to the car

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A derelict school in Kenmare