Staigue Fort and the Beach, Kerry, Ireland - 2nd August 2017

We spend a few hours at Staigue Fort, a late-iron-age ring fort thought to have been built around 400AD. Then, after a stop at Cathair Dónall Garden Centre for some refreshments and a quick trip to a deserted village, Philly directs us to the most amazing beach, un-signposted and tucked away down a long lane - one that the locals clearly keep secret to themselves. Then, it's time for a gathering in the Sneem Hotel for some dinner and the odd pint of Guinness.

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Curran's Cottage café up by Staigue Fort

Isobel roams around

Harry and Fred clamber all over the fort's walls

The fort has an unusual arrangement of steps built in to the walls which allow access to the top

Harry looks like he's up to something

Harry is a dot in the huge fort

The boys queue up for ice cream

Fred and Fern chat

Faith gets a bit daring on the top of the wall

A deserted village

This derelict house still has some roof left

A hearth sticks out of a wall

Fred explores

Isobel looks out on the beach

On the beach

The sea slowly washes in an out, tugging at the littoral sea weed

Isobel and Gabes

The gang run around

Boats on the beach

Philly regards the Caribbean-style waters

Deep aquamarine sea

Da Wheeze does her great 'post punk' thing

Philly and Louise

Philly paces around on the sand

Harry's got seaweed on his head

Philly looks surprised as Fern holds up a Bonio

Harry, Fred and Fern on a wall

Fred, Harry, Annalua and Fern

Fred does some sort of Egyptian dance whilst Lua gives it the thumbs up

The kids play about on the rainy Sneem Hotel patio

Fred, Fern and Lua are at the bar, ordering apple juice

Harry messes about

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Curran's Cottage café up by Staigue Fort