In The Sneem, An tSnaidhm, Kerry, Ireland - 1st August 2017

A round-up of a few days in An tSnaidhme, or "The Knot", including general hanging out around Philly and Davida's, a trip to Cathair Dónall garden centre and various roaming sessions around the pleasant town of Sneem

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Each morning, Nosher is amused by the massively over-provisioned car parks at the Hotel Sneem

A rainbow over the mountains

Down by the lake

A boat on the lake

Walking in front of the Hotel Sneem

A couple of convenient outside toilets

Our apartment block

A toy hangs up in a 'fairy walk' just outside the hotel

Fred appears somewhat sceptical about the presence of fairies

Isobel scopes out one of the houses on the ghost estate

Most of the houses are almost finished, but have been empty for a decade. It's bonkers, really

Some of the insides need plastering, but otherwise it looks like the builders only left yesterday

A statue of Steve 'Crusher' Casey in Sneem

Harryanna's mum and the cousins hang on a statue of John Egan

Dan Murphy's bar

Riney's Bar, which has a secret 'Speak-easy' exit through the ice-cream shop

The boys get some crepes

The river through Sneem shows off the vertically-tilted limestone seams of its Karst landscape nicely

Fern bounces around on the grid on the bridge over the river

Colourful Guinness ads and GAA paintings on the Sneem Tavern

The gang outside M Burns's bike shop in Sneem

Nico looks worried as Fred messes around

Nicholas and Fred

Nico pops up from some play equipment

Harry, Analua and Fern on a swing

Harry and Lua are almost vertical on the swing

Fern's in the air

Fred gives a big swing

Harry and Isobel cross the road near some wall art/graffiti

Periodically a visiting coach disgorges its passengers, and Sneem is extra-busy for 20 minutes

Ironic bike-repair sign

There's a massive moth stuck to Philly and Davida's back door

Cat lounges about

The massive 'Stripey Boy' wanders on to the steps

A fish in tile form

Fred in the back garden

The outdoor café at Caherdaniel garden centre

Harry runs about

Fred slides on a rope

Isobel and Davida chat about stuff

The gang trudge up back to the cars

The Sneem Motor Works garage

The Mace foodstore in the dusk

The children watch a film

Isobel chats to Da Wheeze

Davida encourages the cat

Isobel outside the very pink D O'Shea's bar

Classic old Access sign

Some Picasso-esque art

An artist's studio

In Rosemary's kitchen

Interesting wiring on an interesting wall

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Each morning, Nosher is amused by the massively over-provisioned car parks at the Hotel Sneem