The Diss Organ Festival, Diss, Norfolk - 14th May 2017

A bit of randomness, plus an organ festival down in Diss. Not of the church-organ variety, but the mobile street organs popular in the Netherlands.

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Down at Stratford, local graffiti tagger Ofske is working with the railway tracks

Just outside Liverpool Street, near Brick Lane, somebody really likes graffiti about pies. Nice 'Deams' tag from Paces, Bams, DFIE and Roxie too

Nosher is early enough on the commute to work to catch the Horseguards right up by the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner

Horses trot past on their way down Constitution Hill

Suey, Isobel and Marts in the Needham Red Lion

The Boy Phil and Paulio

Spammy and Jill

Phil and Isobel at the bar

Sylvia and some beer pumps

A couple of Class 43s/InterCity 125s down at Paddington

More Class 43s, including 43027 '90 Glorious Years'

Fred gets wrapped up as a Mummy

Fred walks like an Egyptian

The organ festical down at the Market Place in Diss

Fancy organ outside Dolphin House

Flowers in the Market Place

Het Blauwtje Orgel (The 'little romantic rejection' organ) down at the Mere

A Dads Army look-alike near the Mere

Bird attack

The curious life of the stationary-engine enthusiast

De Grote Gavioli organ

The footpath up to Shelfhanger Road

We roam around the yard sales of Palgrave

Fred and Isobel play 'stick game' on Fred's yard-sale purchase

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Down at Stratford, local graffiti tagger Ofske is working with the railway tracks