The Last-Ever Brome Swan Cycle Club Weekend Away Bike Ride, Thaxted, Essex - 6th May 2017

It's the end of an era as the Brome Swan nears imminent closure through retirement, making this the last ever "official" Brome Swan Cycle Club "weekend away" bike ride under the auspices of the actual pub (although rumours are the weekends away may go on in some form). As such, it's back to the previous haunt of Thaxted in Essex, near Saffron Walden, to the newly-refurbished Swan Hotel - with its almost-unbelieveable special deal offer for the weekend. Also riding or the first time in any significant capacity (by himself) is Fred, who resolutely manages to do the entire 21 miles of the hilly ride - at the age of eight.

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Harry has pudding

Colin does some 'jazz hands'

Jill and Spam look at photos

The boys have flaked out

Time for break-fer-ast

The BSCC eat breakfast

Colin, Jill and Pippa

Suey gives it all the thumbs up

Isobel and Fred on his bike. At this stage he doesn't suspect how long the ride is

Colin goes to give Harry a hand

Various cyclists mill around

Bike club photo

A brief stop at the top of the first massive hill

Al cycles past

There's another stop to check maps

At the top of another hill is another map stop. Fred's off already

There's another chance to ponder the meaning of life whilst observing the M11 motorway

John Willy looks on

Outside the Cricketer's Arms - the first pub stop

Colin gets some sort of 'Mustang Envy'

DH has got his grump on

The Cricketer's Arms

John Willy has a smile on

Apple stares into space

Alan checks that his helmet is on

Fred messes about

Picturesque lane

the Saga group heads off

Fred does a thumbs up

Fred holds up a leaf

Opposite the Cock Inn, there's a wedding going on

The Cock Inn - lunch pub

In the pub garden

The Prince of Wales

Suey, Paulio and Pippa ride in

Apple gets off his steed

The Boy Phil and the Tandem rock up

Fred and the gang flake out in the lounge of the Prince of Wales

DH is on the phone

Pippa gives Harry a hug. Harry likes hugs

Less-then helpful directions on a defibrilator sign


Fred has a staring contest with some flowers

Marc looks out

Harry is on his walkie-talkie

Harry shouts at stuff

At the end of the ride, there are some steep hills that warrant walking up

Fred and Isobel

Harry has a straw

Pippa looks over

Suey helps out Fred with some Lego

Fred's Lego construction

Colin announces his retirement from competitive cycling (i.e. the BSCC)

One of the better views from a hotel window

Fred looks at telly in our room

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Harry has pudding