Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk - 30th April 2017

The exhibits might be sometimes chaotic, and the aircraft aren't exactly in the same condition as Duxford, but the staff are enthusiastic and there's a huge amount of stuff hidden away in its rabbit-warren layout. Plus it's free, and much more extensive than its first appearance - looking like a few random aircraft in a pub car park - might suggest. First, there are a few photos of the dereliction around the old British Xylonite/Wardle-Storey's Brantham Works just outside Manningtree, which is finally in the process of rapid demolition after its closure in 2007.

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The water tower near Maningtree station is reclaimed by ivy

Delerict building

A shell of a building, on the east side of the tracks

More graffiti and derelict buildings

The Wardle-Storey factory

Harry and Fred run around at Flixton

The gang ponder a French Mystere IVa

There's a nice collection of wrecked propellors and engines

Inside a Nissen hut is the remains of an engine from B-24H Liberator 'Bird Dog'

Some historical nose art

Isobel looks at a place

The boys look at more exhibits

Roger, the official RAF Bomber Command commemorative bear

Fred pretends to fly

An original Rolls-Royce Merlin engine

The front end of a Spitfire

Fred does a spot of flight simulator, and actually lands a Cessna, with only a little help

Fred and Harry pretend to fly a Sycamore helicopter, the rotors of which are actually revolving slowly

Harry the Helicopter

Ex-RAF chap James gives the boys some 'medals'

The boys take a salute

Harry's at the controls

Fred and a chart

More exhibits

An ancient Boulton and Paul biplane

Harry roams around in front of a Harrier jump-jet

Harry points

Isobel gets a coffee from the NAAFI

Harry messes around with a 0.50-cal Browning machine gun


The water tower near Maningtree station is reclaimed by ivy