Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral and Whale Watching, Reykjavik - 21st April 2017

Day Two of our trip to Iceland, as we walk into Reykjavík and visit Hallgrímskirkja, the modernist cathedral built in the style of volcanic basalt, with its epic Klais organ. Then it's on to the old docks for a spot of whale watching out in Faxaflói followed by fish and chips and then a few pricey beers in the Laundromat Café. There's also a trip to a supermarket to stock up with bread, cheese and a few snacks, as it's a bit cheaper than buying lunch all the time.

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The epic and airy nave of Hallgrímskirkja

The amazing Klais organ, with some pipes reminiscent of some V-8 hotrod's exhaust pipes

Isobel reads about the organ

Impressive views from the top of the cathedral tower

Downtown Reykjavik

Off in the distance - hydrothermal steam rises

A cluster of Icelandic houses

One of our stops from the night before turns out to have grass for a roof

Statue of Leifr Eríksson, founder of Reykjavík

Isoble takes a photo

More street art/graffiti

Isobel orders a coffee

Puzzling over a statue

US-style fire hydrant

Sailors look out to sea

Bright red corrugated building

An old dude feeds the pigeons

The pond, or Tjörnin

Isobel sits down with a bronze dude


It's all rainbows and unicorns

Reykjavík's oldest extant building

Isobel has a nap

Looking over the old harbour towards Harpa

A whale skeleton

We pass a navigation lighthouse on the way to Faxaflói

Isobel and Nosher in their red Michelin-man suits

Whale watchers

Isobel gets a photo

Isobel in her floatation suit

Some of the watchers look worse for wear

We don't spot any whales, but do see some porpoises

A whale-watching RIB scoots by

A less-than-useful kitchen sink

Our whale-watching boat: Eldey

Isobel in the Reykjavík Fish (and Chips) restaurant

Reykjavík Fish

Isobel gets some Skyr from the supermarket.

The supermarket is actually selling sour whale blobs

A singles club for lost gloves

More street art on Laugavegur

Our hotel, which looks more like an office block

Officey hotel corridors

The Laundromat Café

More crazy-expensive beer - only £8.50 a glass

The basement of the Laundromat Café actually has washing machines in it


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The epic and airy nave of Hallgrímskirkja