The BSCC are at the Yaxley Cherry Tree

The BSCC are at the Yaxley Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree in Yaxley

The Cherry Tree's old-school bogs

Rachel, Isobel and Helen head to The Bank

The two Andrews at the bar

The emcee does some talking

Quiz questions are asked

Someone has a Red Nose on

Vegetable art, with a radish rabbit

The serious quiz table gets stuck in

A prize of Thornton's chocolates is won

We head off back to the car

Cross Street from the back of the car

There's some Penguin book thing at Paddington

The gang roam The Street at Brome

Fred scopes some second-hand stuff out

Bunting near the old Post Office

There are refreshments in the memorial shelter

The village hall in Brome

Fred's got a whistling foam bomb

Millie hangs around as we eat dinner outside

The sun sets through the ash tree

Soph the Rop and Fred sing for sweets

Sweets are scored and handed out