Digger Action and other March Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 21st March 2017

It's a random week: Everyone's out in London for the first properly warm day of the year. Then, there's a curry night and the digger is in to excavate an extensive patio area. Finally, on the way back from work, Nosher is caught up by road closures following the Westminster terrorist incident.

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There are large crowds outside Buckingham Palace as the changing of the guard occurs

Food stalls and people are out in 'the pit' at Sheldon Square, Paddington

Back in Diss, the Cornhall gets a new extension

Sarah, Suey, Harry and a poppadum

Harry's got a Mexican hat on

Suey gets the icecream out

Some bizarre dancing occurs

Millie Cat has grown some interesting eyebrows

The old car, which apart from a frequent rogue 'safety mode' thing has never gone wrong in 30K miles, is retired

Isobel roams around at the Devil's Handbasin garage

Fred helps tidy up the massive wood pile

Isobel pitches in too

Fred's got a pallet

Isobel's old TV is in the skip

The site is cleared up a bit

Lewis is on digger-driving duty

Andrew and Lewis haul tons of soil away

Grandad roams around with a fag on the go

In London, the Mall is sealed off at Trafalgar Square

There's a stack of buses on Waterloo Bridge

Victoria Embankment is all '28 Days Later' as it too is closed off towards the Houses of Parliament

Some new graffiti near Liverpool Street

More graffiti continuing the popular theme for the last couple of years: silver

A bed of crushed concrete is laid down

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There are large crowds outside Buckingham Palace as the changing of the guard occurs