Christmas and All That, Suffolk - 25th December 2016

It's Christmas day and there are thousands in the house, but the first order of business is a trip up to the Swan for the traditional lunchtime beer

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Evelyn reads to Nico

Analua puts out some carrots for the Reindeer

Fred and Nicholas

Some early Christmas-present opening occurs

Fred waves a present around

Fred and Harry open stuff

Present frenzy

There's a lot of Spiderman stuff going on

Louise and Haryanna

The dining room shows a smoke haze caused by something burning off the oven walls

The gang wander up the Oaksmere's drive to the Swan

Fred and Harry with some Transformers

Kids' Corner in the Swan

Santa - aka Wavy - comes in

Paul pulls a beer

Marc and Al at the bar

Oak shows off something

Phil, Mikey, Andy and Jimmy

A busy lunchtime pub

Haryanna, Jamie, Martina and Da Wheeze chat

Isobel with a comedy hat on

Fred shows off his transformer

Nicolas reaches for a bottle of water

The gang cross the A140

Harry and Analua read 'Where's Wally?'

Christmas dinner goes off

There's a bit of Skype-to-Brazil action

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Evelyn reads to Nico