Southwold Seaside Pier, Southwold, Suffolk - 18th December 2016

It's time for another trip to Southwold for fish and chips and a visit to the pier amusements

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Isobel tries out the 'stairmaster'

Fred has a go (just ignore the sign)

Passive/Agressive notice on the Half Pipe

Isobel skate-boards about

Fred on a climbing frame

Skating in front of Southwold Pier

Fred runs about

Isobel roams by the groynes

Fish and Chip café

Fred does the 2p coin thing

Isobel does Air Hockey

Harry pretends to drive

Harry looks intent on scoring at Air Hockey

Isobel counts coins

Fred's machine spews tickets out

For the first time in recorded history, there's only one car (ours) in the car park

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Isobel tries out the 'stairmaster'