Fred balances a balloon on his nose

Fred balances a balloon on his nose

There's a load of dancing going on

It's time for sausages in rolls and crisps

Jackie and Mikey P are in the kitchen

Helen comes to the kitchen hatch

The boys have to leave, because Frozen

Harry stands on the railings

Fred's still covering his ears in horror

Harry explores a K6 phone box

Harry pokes around in the old phone box

The boys risk a return to the hall

Wavy's got a balloon

Jackie hangs around under a Brockdish sign

Clare lights a candle

Mikey has the risky job of hauling the cake in

The cake makes an appearance

Everyone stops to watch the cake arriving

Jack blows his candles out

The dancing resumes

Fred sticks some decorations up

The upstairs window has gone

Louis and Andrew remove the old window frame

Builders are everywhere

A nice new wooden frame is readied

The new window frame goes in

Some adjustments are made

New windows in the old bit of the house

There's a nice sunset over the side field

A tree in the sunset

Wind turbines on the airfield