SBR is closed as another cyclist is toast

SBR is closed as another cyclist is toast

An under-sea room

A view down the stairs in the office

David and Mike work on the monster LED panel

David does soldering

A strip of multi-colour LED lights

More soldering action

Mike connects stuff to copper tape

The office is busy innovating

The back of the display panel

Charlie comes in for a look

A close-up of copper tape

In the Studio, Peter and Alex work on some sounds

Peter plays some keys

Shiny microphone

Alex cuts up some sounds

A smaller meeting room is now a planetarium

View of the Shard from the office

Cannon Street station and the City of London

Southwark Bridge lit up in purple and blue

Southwark Bridge

London Bridge, lit up in orange

Soutwark Bridge and St. Paul's

Cheese Grater and Walkie-Talkie

The remains of the 13th Century Winchester Palace

Detail of Southwark Bridge's ironwork

A ferry terminal near Southwark Bridge

View down the Thames towards Tower Bridge

Festive tree in front of St. Paul's

Red buses around St. Paul's Cathedral

A view of the Shard looking down Sumner Street

Sodium leaves on Sumner Street

There's an evening event in the office

Doug does some sort of turn

A spot of 'SwiftMaster' occurs

The fridge is raided

Some sort of wrestling in the kitchen

The empty office at 7am

A light-up pineapple

The top of the Shard is in the clouds

Nacho and Vlad do some stuff

Doug and Luke look at stuff

The wiring is coming on

Thomas applies some hot-melt glue

Emlyn peers at his laptop

The display is working with a Poo emoji

Coffey gives a thumbs-up to an LED poo emoji

Thomas does some wiring

The office in the morning

Marisa roams around

Ben at the final presentation