Fondue with the Swiss Massive, Cambridge - 19th November 2016

It's back to Cambridge for the food festival that is Fondue, round Rachel and Sam's. First, though, we stop off at the Winter Fair on Parker's Piece for a spot of ferris wheel and giant slide

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Skeleton trees reach to the sky down the Oaksmere's drive

Harry, Isobel and Fred

Fred looks at some cool mushrooms

Harry and Fred on the pirate ship

Mr. Chomp, The Bin

Cut owls made out of bog-roll tubes

A Lego torso does some weightlifting

Sam feeds the fish

Gwydir Street

Looking up at the Ferris wheel

The ice rink, from up in the air

Harry and Isobel

Parker's Piece, looking at the junction of Mill Road and East Road

Fred the Head

Rebuilding the University Arms Hotel

Parker's Piece from the air

Harry's loving it

Bumper cars

Fred hurls down the giant slide

Fred and Harry come down

Winter Fair

Fairground rides

Fred and Harry fish for things with a stick

We quickly peer in to Christ's College's First Court

John Lewis inside the Grand Arcade

Cambridge Market

Isobel and Harry walk down Gonville Place

Isobel's got a spider stuck to her head

Harry considers a small skull

Isobel does some knitting

Fondue occurs

Rachel, Sam and Isobel

Sam, Lucy and Harry

Classic 1930s fireplace

Rachel's Sunday baking

H Gee on Mill Road hasn't changed in at least ten years

Isobel on Mill Road

Mill Road shops

Cho Mee and Al Amin

Cambridge Bin Chaos

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Skeleton trees reach to the sky down the Oaksmere's drive