An October Miscellany, Suffolk - 8th October 2016

A round-up of October randomness including a delivery by crane, a trip to Pizza Express and a couple of trips to practice skateboarding on the Progress Way industrial estate just outside Eye

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In the yard behind the office, something is being delivered by crane

Window delivery in Flatiron Yard

Harry is like a kid in a toy shop, in Jarrold's of Norwich

Harry walks up the steps outside the Forum

Time for a Pizza Express lunch

St. Peter Mancroft through a blue glass

Harry and Isobel in deep blue

Isobel chops Harry's pizza up

The Forum, Norwich

Fred and Harry

A very Italian Lambretta

Fred's paper dragon

Fred holds up his dragon

It's a mini sausage festival in Browne's the butchers in Diss

Dan Dan the Meat Man and a bunch of sausages

Harry and Fred play spies in the waiting room at Diss Station

Fred in the waiting room

Isobel heads off to New York and Las Vegas

Harry runs around

Fred and Harry scoot around outside Camstar's offices

Fred is a frog

Boris the Stripey Cat shows off his non-stripey secret fur

Harry and Fred with more Lego

A spider with massive legs clings to the garage wall

Harry and Fred, contra-jour

A silvery leaf

The back of a hand

Fred catches some rays

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In the yard behind the office, something is being delivered by crane