A Trip to Grime's Graves, Thetford, Norfolk - 8th May 2016

On the way back from Outwell, we stop off at Grime's Graves - a name that refers to graves, as in en-grave-ings, and Grim, another name for Norse god Woden, or more literally The Dark One's Quarry - for a look around and a chance to visit the only neolithic flint mine open to the public.

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Harry and The Boy Phil after breakfast

Paul joins the fray

Isobel packs up

The boys escape on the the grass around Grime's Graves

Fred looks at stuff to buy

The ladder down in to the neolithic flint mine

The underground tunnels - dug by hand - stretch out in all directions

Fred at the bottom of the pit

Fred looks at flint tools

Isobel gets ready to venture underground

Topside, Harry and Fred look for minibeasts

The hut at the top of the shaft

Isobel sits on the edge of one of the surface pits

Fred looks at insects

Fred and Harry run around in a hole in the ground

Harry and Isobel

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Harry and The Boy Phil after breakfast