The Brome Swan Cycle Club Weekender, Outwell, West Norfolk - 7th May 2016

Given that the Fens can be flat, bleak and unforgiving, where the occasional tree grows at 45°, the land is black and everything smells of cabbages, a bike-club weekend to the middle of it might not have appeared too promising. However, the hotel is very good, the weather is the best for years and it turns out that riding around the flat fenland landscape offers plenty of nice-enough scenery, even though drainage canals like the "hundred foot drain" can appear a little alien as they disappear in a straight line to a vanishing point on the horizon. As usual, the thirty-mile route involves several pubs and a lunch stop - this time at the community-rescued Kings Arms in Shouldham.

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Matthew and Fred at the Crown Lodge in Outwell

Paul, DH and Fred at dinner

The (relatively) late-night gang at the bar

The river through Outwell

Fred inspect the curious skeleton called 'Steve' in a nearby derelict-looking shop

Curious gargoyle with a fake-fur stole

Fred and the derelict shop

Steel-rod sign

Outwell's church of St. Clement

Nice arched church porch

St. Clement's tower points to the sky

The traditional BSCC bike club photo

First pub stop: The Cock Inn at Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen

Paul walks back from the bridge

Al stomps up the middle of the road

Fred and Matthew mess around on the pool table

Marc looks surprised

Amusing pub sign

Marc and DH's his'n'hers tee-shirts

Alan and Matthew wait around

A couple of swans float up the drain

Colin, Spam, Jill and John Willy cycle past

Pippa fiddles around with something

Cyclists disappear into the Fens

Fred gets a real stomp on

Matthew and Alan in a lane

Matthew and Alan do some sort of gurning at the Kings Arms in Shouldham

The bike group assembles for lunch

Fred's got a paper serviette on his face

More bike-club mingling

Apple and Pippa at the bar

The Kings Arms, Shouldham, and a K6 phone box

Isobel and Harry, who stayed behind on account of The Pox, have come along to join the group for lunch

Harry - Pox Boy - and Fred

Fred and Harry interact with Pippa and Apple

Fred pretends to sleep on a red-leather sofa

Another stop: The Heron at Stowbridge

Marc and The Boy Phil watch the sheep

A lamb

Gaz, DH and Marc

Gaz takes a photo

Suey chats to Harry and Fred

Gaz gets head of the table as the bike club sits down for dinner

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Matthew and Fred at the Crown Lodge in Outwell