Innovation Week, Southwark, London - 22nd April 2016

It's Innovation Week at work again, and this time there seems to be even more Lego than usual

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Zoheb works on his 3D-printed lego keyboard

The Lego keyboard takes shape

Błażej 'innovates' in the form of a driving game

Mike brings Mike-sprog in to the office, complete with Cath Kidston bag

Zoheb's printer prints some mode 3d Lego connectors

Lachie and Fran measure a Lego tower

Marisa dances

Anita takes part in a type-off competition

Hanging around on the sofas

Zoheb's keyboard is finished

Life in the 'cloud' room

The arcade cabinet from a few innovation weeks ago has had a re-vamp

Ben and Steve do some sort of exercise-bike-based challenge

The Innovation Week presentation

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Zoheb works on his 3D-printed lego keyboard