Zoheb works on his 3D-printed lego keyboard

Zoheb works on his 3D-printed lego keyboard

Zoheb's 3D-printer set up

The Lego keyboard takes shape

Błażej 'innovates' in the form of a driving game

There's a room full of pillows

Mike brings his sprog in to the office

The printer makes some Lego connectors

Fran introduces the Lego competition

Lachie and Fran measure a Lego tower

Marisa dances

Anita takes part in a type-off competition

SwiftKey staff watch the goings on

Hanging around on the sofas

Zoheb's keyboard is finished

Life in the 'cloud' room

Blinds are pulled down

Alice does some evening work

An evening presentation occurs

The arcade cabinet from a few innovations ago

More innovation challenges occur

Ben and Steve do an exercise-bike-based challenge

The Innovation Week presentation

Alex is on the microphone