Last Days and the Journey Home, Albufeira, Portugal - 9th April 2016

There's time for a visit to the roof of the hotel and another day at the beach, before packing up and heading home, but not before another lash-up on Mojitos down in the hotel bar

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Fred had been pestering for a while to go on to the roof of the hotel - so here we are

View from the roof

The hotel swimming pool

A maze of similar corridors

Harry and Fred in the playground

Old sign

Harry and Isobel on the way down to Inatel beach

Fred digs a tunnel to the other side of the world

The gang on the beach

Blue and white buildings

A very-faded roadsign

Harry and Isobel

The remains of the inside of a building - the outside having completely disappeared

Fred and Harry do some kick-about

Walking back from the Marina end of Albufeira

A potentially-nice but derelict and bricked-up building

Some stained glass in the hotel lobby

It's time to start packing up in the hotel

Fred and Harry have a drink

The curious illuminated sea shells in each room

We're back in the bar for the last night

Fred and Harry drink some sort of unltra-unhealthy bright pink squash

There are tons of olds dancing to some keyboard music

Fred plays darts

Harry has another sleep

Fred and the Northern Ireland massive

Turning off the lights for the night reveals an impressively glow-in-the-dark sign

Hotel room: 6am

Isobel and Fred hang out in reception

Faro's tubular airport

The hordes embark the Ruinair flight

Passengers load up. The Air Bridge that Ryanair refuses to use lurks, tantalising

Waving goodbye to the coast of Portugal

View of a sky-bus

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Fred had been pestering for a while to go on to the roof of the hotel - so here we are