Days on the Beach: Dunwich and Aldeburgh, Suffolk - 15th February 2016

Two days on the beach - one in Dunwich and one in Aldeburgh. Same roll of Ilford FP4 film, but separated by nearly four years. Some of these photos are a bit fuzzy as they were under-exposed - there's no such thing as wide-latitude Raw capturing on a real film

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Fred, Isobel and a sleeping Baby Harry

Isobel waves her arms around on the beach at Dunwich

Fred the Head

Fred stumps up the beach

Isobel looks at a pile of logs

Fred and The Scallop, on Aldeburgh beach

Fred climbs around on the shell

Fishing detritus and a boat on the beach

Fred is a blur

Aldeburgh sea front

Fred climbs up the gravel cliff

Harry pokes around on the beach

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Fred, Isobel and a sleeping Baby Harry