Christmas Eve in Dublin and Blackrock, Ireland - 24th December 2015

It's the day before Christmas and whilst Fred heads off to spend the day with Evelyn, Nosher and Isobel take Harry up on the train for a few hours in Dublin City Centre

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The boys on the path up to Blackrock DART station

Fred and Evelyn in Evelyn's favouritest place - Insomnia Café in Blackrock

Isobel and Harry

Graffiti and a 50s-styled retro advert

Graffiti on the sea wall

Graffiti on the backs of houses near Sandymount

More graffiti

A graffiti'd building near Landsdown Road

Evoke this

Also near Landsdown Road, there's this really cool conversion of an old Gasometer

Anti-Fracking political statement

Isobel and Harry at Pearse Street Station

Harry points up to an evil mouse on the side of a building

There's a massive trad session going on outside Brown Thomas

Harry - the one-glove boy

Isobel takes Harry to stick some money in the tin

On the fiddle

Harry and Isobel head in to the light

A mass of red and white flowers

There's some great slide-guitar busking at the top of Grafton Street

Slide-guitar busking

Ornate clock

An expensive deli with a nicely-decayed frontage

Isobel meets up with some chums in Pygmalion Tapas Bar in Dublin

Tapas bar life

Harry is enjoying making shadows on the wall

Isobel says goodbye

Funky art on a roller shutter

There's a dude selling salamis outside the tapas bar

Posters on the wall look just like the poster sales down the students' union

Interesting old buildings

Back in Blackrock, the remaining stump of the old Lido is still there

Evelyn, Fred and Harry in Eddie Rocket's burger bar

Diner jukebox in chrome and mirrors

A neon restroom sign

Isobel and Evelyn head off up Blackrock High Street

A train trundles through the DART station

Fred stumps along the path in Blackrock park

The boys get to open an early Christmas present: new onesies

The cool Santa glasses picked up in Chester look good with the lights from the Christmas tree

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The boys on the path up to Blackrock DART station