A Steamy 1940s Day Out, Holt and Sheringham, Norfolk - 20th September 2015

After a Saturday night at a 1940s-stlye dance, it seems appropriate to follow up with a day up at Holt and Sheringham, where the increasingly-popular 1940s-themed steam weekend is occuring. There's a bit of a hold-up as the first train of the day has crashed in to the buffers at Holt, so the first train that actually gets going is more than a little packed. Later, at Sheringham, we happen upon Clive's military truck which is just about to head off for a spin around town with the Mayor.

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A vintage Routemast bus trundles in to the park and ride car park

Top deck of the bus

A nice Spitfire on a Bentley

Harry stomps around with Grandad in tow

The scene down at Holt station

Isobel roams around on the BR Mark 1 coach

Holt station atmosphere

It's all too much for this dude

Peering out of the train as it heads past Kelling Heath

Pretty sure there weren't mobile phones in the 1940s

Sheringham Station is packed

Fred and Harry get a look around Clive's truck

Fred, Suzanne and Harry

The view from the top of the truck

The Mayor of Sheringham jumps up and says hello

It's a bit of a melée as another Routemaster shows up

The crowds wave - it's like being royalty or something

Sheringham town centre is heaving

The truck gets a police escort

Every year, Blyth and Wright get out their crashed Messerschmitt

The kids wave to the crowds

The mini tour of Sheringham ends up at the Lobster

We drop the Mayor off outside the Lobster

Some Royal Marine-types squeeze through the crowds

The Mayor of Sheringham gives another wave

Grandad hangs out with the army guys

Harry looks around

Clive grins

A 'sympathetically re-enacted' site of bomb damage

A group of 1940s housewives in the parade

An RAF chap with a basket full of RAF bears

The RAF chap shows off his bears

A nice old Rolls Royce heads up through town

76084 Standard 4 sits at Sheringham

76084 with its rake of old BR Mark 1 carriages

Some dude peers out of a window and manages to look glum

Fred with his 'gas mask' box

A bit of a snog

An old 1960s Class 31 diesel, D5631

Some jitterbuggers on Platform 1 at Sheringham

A nice old van packed out with memorabilia

Fred and Nosher, in his RAF Flight Lieutenant's No. 1 Dress Jacket

Fred takes a photo of dad and mum

Isobel and Fred

Harry hangs out with the G-Unit

Old Mark 1 carriages

Harry messes around with the door of our 'cubicle'

Fred with Nosher's RAF cap on

Isobel pokes her head out of the window and looks all 1940s

Harry and Fred watch the world go by as the train trundles back to Holt

Two rakes of Maroon coachs meet at Weybourne

Back at Holt, the train that crashed in to the buffers in the morning is still stuck there

Grandad grabs a downstairs spot on the bus

Harry does his own thing

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A vintage Routemast bus trundles in to the park and ride car park