A 1940s Dance, Bressingham Steam Museum, Bressingham, Norfolk - 19th September 2015

next album: A Steamy 1940s Day Out, Holt and Sheringham, Norfolk - 20th September 2015
previous album: A Spot of New Forest Camping, Brockenhurst, Hampshire - 29th August 2015

The side extension is 'back in action'

The new upstairs bedroom gets insulated

Harry waits for dad outside 'Mossirrons'

A pile of cats: one invisible, one stripey

Fred stands on a bench to watch a balloon fly over

Harry roars 'more fire' at the balloon, which happily obliges

A bumble bee on a sunflower

Bozley Cat

Harry and Fred poke around in the garden

Fred and Isobel in the office, as Boris roams around

The boys run towards another balloon

Fred and Harry

Down at Bressingham Steam Museum, it's a 1940s dance

Katrina and Isobel

Isobel chats to Marc and Sue

Marc stands around looking glum

1940s tea room

Marc and Suey

The Victorian Gallopers are running

Marc and his beer

Chi and Isobel do some dancing

More Jitterbugging, Jiving or somesuch

The compere and the band - Swing Machine

More dance action

Swing the mood

Isobel gets down with Suey

Isobel and Katrina chat about something

Marc checks his boots

Alan shakes Marc's hand

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The side extension is 'back in action'