A Spot of New Forest Camping, Brockenhurst, Hampshire - 29th August 2015

It's time for another camping trip, this time a bit further afield to the New Forest and Nosher's old stomping ground. The trip down is somewhat hairy, thanks to the truly epic rain en route and the many hold-ups on the way, but the weather sorts itself out for what turns out to be a nice few days in the Forest. There's also the utterly freaky coincidence that old school friend Phil, plus wife Tanya, are over from the US for a couple of days, so Nosher cycles from Roundhills outside Brockenhurst to meet up for a few beers with Phil and Hamish at Sean's house in Hordle.

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Isobel takes the boys to look at a pony

Fred plays with his flying disc as Harry rides his balance bike

A map is consulted

We set off to explore a bit

Pine trees

A gang of ponies wanders up the path

New Forest pony

The pregnant mares, with a foal in tow, wander on to the campsite

Isobel walks back with a random bag of mushrooms given by a stranger. We ate them and we're not dead.

We meet up with Phil and his parents in Michelle's shop - Spots and Stripes in Bashley

Tanya roams around Michelle's shop

The boys check out the toy table

Phil and Tanya chat to Isobel

Harry shows off his new toy to Sydney, in the café next door

Fred goes nuts in the garden centre

Fred next to a giant plant

Harry meets Binky, Seans' dog (which is smaller than Boris the Stripey Cat)

We go to see the boys' great grandmother in her new care home

Harry and 'granny'

Fred does some cool moves with ribbons

Nosher's grandmother (93) and Harry (3)

Granny is off on a trip to Cliffhanger Café in Highcliffe

A three-generation photo

Harry, Fred and Grandmother

Harry does a 'look'

Fred checks to see if this cow has udders or not

Isobel roams around the van

Fred has a laff as Nosher looks grumpy

Fred's abandoned bike

Isobel and Harry, with Lego

Fred shows off his new Action Man

A foal

Fred looks like he's herding horses with his big stick

Fred and Isobel have a moment

The boys' shoes are all wet and are on sticks to dry

The van and awning in the moonlight

Harry's got a light

A cow eats a tree

Crazy cow

The boys are stuck in the van during a brief rain shower

Isobel spots a cool mushroom

A forest of dinghies down at Keyhaven

Keyhaven Yacht Club

Some dude sets off in a wooden dinghy

A pair of swans drink fresh water from out of a boat

On the Hurst Castle ferry

Someone canes up the river in a Laser

Lighthousey-observation towers at Hurst Castle

Rusty old bath

Looking down Hurst Spit towards Milford

The boys find a hidey-hole

A boat on the Solent, with the Needles

Building dereliction

People look out of the river from the top of Hurst Castle

Fred and Harry run up to another observation room

Fred runs around

Isobel with the boys

Fred peeps out from behind a wall

Harry and Fred mess around with an old lighthouse control panel

Fred gets a chair out

A random room full of chairs

A very rusted door handle

Fred in the magazine tunnels

A bunch of repro 12.5' shells

A hole from a shell in plate iron

Fred and a massive 12.5' gun

Harry and Fred

Harry, Isobel and Fred

Isobel and the boys do some sort of super-hero pose

Isobel looks through a hole in the wall

Back on the river, the tide has gone out

The Hurst Castle ferry

Fred runs down to the ferry

The Hurst Castle lighthouse

Low tide

Gabes gets a kiss

Isobel and Harry on the ferry back

A tattered red ensign in the wind

An Oyster Catcher pokes about

Down on Keyhaven Quay, some people do a spot of crabbing

Fred and Harry look at crab pots

We go round to Sean's for a Thai take-away

Fred, Rowan and Harry freak out

Fred eats camper-van breakfast

Harry looks like he's doing a wee on the tree

We swing by again to see Great-Grandmother on the way back home

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Isobel takes the boys to look at a pony