The Archaeology of Dunwich: A Camping Trip, Dunwich, Suffolk - 1st-3rd August 2015

It's the first leg of a two-part camping trip, this part being at Cliff House in Dunwich. Apart from the wasps and a near-invasion of flying ants, it's another good visit which features den building in the woods, time on the beach and an archaeological dig in Dunwich, presented by Time Team's TV archaeologist Carenza Lewis.

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The day before, the weather's not looking great as a Pigeon grumpily shelters from the rain

Isobel and Harry in the awning

Fred at the bar in '12 Lost Churches' - Cliff House's restaurant/bar/clubhouse

Harry in his crocodile onesie

Fred and Harry are a blur on the roundabout

Breakfast for the boys

A slightly-lost K6 phone box

Harry plants a 'flag' on the beach

More of Harry and his fishing net

The gang on the beach

Some sort of sea-poppy

Harry balances on a log

Isobel on the swings

Fred does some acrobatics

Fred on the hoops

The boys wait to head off on a bike ride

Walking up a hot Dunwich Road

The boys cycle off in to the woods

Pine trees

A spider lurks in the middle of its web

Isobel builds a den as the boys climb around

Back-lit fern

Harry and Fred

Gabes gets a cuddle

A sunlit patch of ferns

Multi-coloured leaf

Harry closes a gate

Fred: a small green dot in a large green forest

Fred cycles down a dusty lane

Time for tea in the 12 Lost Churches

Isobel and the boys play giant Connect 4

Harry in the hired trailer

Harry takes his helmet off

Picnic in the woods

More sunlit leaves

Isobel flakes out

Nice house just outside Dunwich

Harry slurps lemonade

The straw nicely demonstrates different refractive indexes

The beer garden of the Dunwich Ship

Inside the village hall, finds from the archaeological dig are sorted

Fred gets an explanation as to what's what

Lots of bits of mediaeval pottery

Trench 4 of the dig, at the Dunwich beach car park

People look at the dig

The teeming throngs at the fish 'n' chip shop

Carenza Lewis explains some of the history of Dunwich

Another bucket of soil is examined

On the beach, there's a Boy Pile

Harry's found something interesting

Harry poses on the beach

Back at the site, the van is all packed up, ready to head off

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The day before, the weather's not looking great as a Pigeon grumpily shelters from the rain