Lunch in Mint Street Park, Southwark

Lunch in Mint Street Park, Southwark

SwiftKey on the parched grass of Mint Street Park

Under the shadow of the Shard

A derelict squat on Southwark Bridge Road

Time for tea

Fred has freak out

Looking down the Oaksmere well

Sophie's birthday cake arrives

Sophie blows the candles out

The Boy Phil wonders why sprogs are everywhere

The children run on to the pirate ship

Fred and the gang on the pirate ship

Mikey P steers the ship

Rachel dishes cake out

Harry's gang

The Boy Phil, Isobel and Rachel

Helen waves a finger around

Fred's up a rope again

Jo surveys the scene in another marquee

Henry sets his kit up

Rob roams around

The stage

Rob shows off his damanged fingers

Henry's amazing spring cymbal does its thing

The band cram in to the van

There's a fire going, too far to heat the band up

Packing up at 1am