Harry on the kneeling chair

Harry on the kneeling chair

Harry hauls himself around the office

Fred shows off his painted arm

Harry picks some uncomfortable position to sleep

The BBs set up for the Bacton Beer Festival

John the deputy bassist twiddles knobs

John the bassist looks up

Rob on a bench

The done-up restaurant - formerly the old school

The pub lays on a pile of chips and sausages

Abandoned sofa on Suston Road

Harry roams around Morrison's

Harry runs up the aisle, in ninja mode

In Abbey Gardens, there's some animal topiary

A plant-based installation

Colourful flower beds

Summer gardens and the Cathedral

Harry runs around the ruins of the old Abbey

Harry on an old wall

Harry gets his head stuck in some railings

More summer gardens

Part of Abbey Gate was destroyed in the 13th Century

Grandad waits to cross the road

The 'lighthouse' town sign

Harry slurps on apple juice

Pizzas proving in Pizza Express

Harry watches the pizzaiolas do their thing

Harry goes to stare at the pizzaiolas for a while

Grandad picks up the tab

Harry and Grandad leave Pizza Express

Harry and Grandad go window shopping on Abbeygate

A 1950s-looking Marks and Spencer in Bury

Harry's got a balloon at The Arc

Harry runs around with his balloon

Harry in the back of the car