It's a SwiftKey Knockout, Richmond Rugby Club, Richmond, Surrey - 7th July 2015

It's SwiftKey's annual away-day thrash, with the theme this year being based loosely on 1970's TV classic It's a Knockout. After the events, which include a fair amount of tropical-scented bubble bath, there's a barbeque and a free bar. Following that, a breakout group heads over to nearby Old Deer Park for a spot of rounders.

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Down at the old Wardle-Storey site at Manningtree, entropy increases

Derelict buildings

Nature steadily reclaims waste ground

A shell of an office block

Trackside graffiti, Seven Kings

More railway graffiti

A derelict building near Richmond Rugby Club, on Kew Foot Lane

Pre-Knockout croissants and coffees

The various teams get rugged up in bibs

Kyrie does rabbit-ears on Adam

The teams line up

Tommy signs his life away

Juha looks more than a bit keen

Something funny occurs

It's time for a warm-up, courtesy of some, er, 'dancing'

Dominic and Ben lead the Red team in some funky moves

Julien leads the Gold team

Juha jumps for joy

It's the moves out of YMCA

Kyrie and Scott seem to be getting really in to the tunes

Dominic points up

James C collects tennis balls in the giant pirates game

Marissa can hardly see out of her costume

Gold team takes a break

David fires a tennis-ball cannon

Steve stuffs some balls in to a chest

Yellow team bounce around

Tom D's got some balls

Lachie pokes a pirate's chest

Ben lobs wet sponges up in the air

Wet sponges get passed down the line

Ben M looks a bit over-excited

Balancing on buckets

Jon listens out for instructions

Waiting to catch falling sponges

Błażej returns some sponges

Orange team's sponge travels along

Ryan gets involved

The stage is set for the 'giants' game

Bizarre giant costumes that look like they might actually have been from the original TV programme

Mike, Steve and Michele practice their rowing

James C peers out of his costume

The race begins, and one giant is already down

The rowers try to tip the giants over by pulling the mat

The giants round the end of the course

Martin B awaits his fate

Kah-mun looks actually scared

Emlyn gets offered a hand

Steve leaps in to the rubber ring

Sliding along in a rubber ring

The 'feet first' approach

Naomi also has a shriek as Lachie looks on

Scott really goes for it

It's a foam fest

Tropical-fruit-smelling foam flies around

Juha looks like Action Man or something as he piles over the top

Nick piles down the slide

Tom D goes over the top

Ryan digs deep

Ay caramba!

The crowds cheer

Dominic fights foam

It's all over

Blue Team photo

Thomas and Ryan get ready to take on the washing machine

Caroline looks around for a lost sock

The Black Team hold up their socks

Kyrie cheers

Dominic piles out of the washing machine

Who is that masked person under the foam?

A sock is retrieved

Julien surveys the scene

Just a bit of foam then

Yellow Team group photo

An entire SwiftKey team photo

Everyone does a 'Usain Bolt' pose

Dis-assembling after the group photo

Ryan does 'metal horns' as Juha looks over

Orange Team group photo

Adam does a fist pump

Ben holds out the 'champagne'

Ben sprays Champagne like a Formula 1 winner

Pink Team photo

Yellow Team photo as Thomas is held aloft

The Barbeque queue

More burgers are sacrificed

Caroline and Nick discuss the events of the day over a Pimms

Up in the bleachers

Barbeque mingling and a big heap of discarded bibs

The spoils of glory

Nick hurls a Frisbee

Nick bounces up to catch a Frisbee

Ben leads the team off to Old Deer Park

The brutalist, almost Stalinist architecture of the Richmond Rugby Club stand

Decamping to Old Deer Park

SwiftKey on the pitch

Nick checks out Dominic's umbrella

Ben scores a home run at Rounders

Paul and Doug

Lots of running about

Thomas does some bouncing

Overhead, a British Airways A380 Super-Heavy trundles in to land

Chilling out on the grass

Błażej gives the Hairy Eyeball as he's about to be caught out by Ben

A small dog roams around

Jon scores a run

Richmond's striking 1930's railway station

Richmond station platform, in an arts-and-crafty style

A super-dusty commuter train at Colchester Station

Manningtree on the Suffolk border looks pretty in the evening sun

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Down at the old Wardle-Storey site at Manningtree, entropy increases