A Birthday Camping Trip, East Runton, North Norfolk - 26th May 2015

It's Nosher's birthday, so a couple of days holiday is applied to a camping trip in the wilds of North Norfolk, at the Manor Farm camp site in-between Cromer and East Runton. It turns out to be a good spot, with quick access by bike to Cromer and East Runton, meaning that beaches and a pub are never too far away. There's even Radio North Norfolk (not too Alan Patridge then) to keep us company in the evenings.

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On the afternoon we arrive, Fred does a recce of the rock pools on the beach at East Runton

Fred, Harry and Isobel roam the beach


Harry's upside-down

A rusty old tractor on the beach

It's time for an ice cream

Isobel and Gabes look out to sea

Fred eats his ice cream in a cliff-top shelter

The view over East Runton beach looking east to Cromer pier

Harry slurps apple juice in the Dozy Dormouse pub

An avalanche of molten wax

The bar of the Dozy Dormouse

Isobel, Harry and Fred take it easy

A stained glass 'bar' window

A classic newsagents

Harry looks a bit folorn in his bike seat

Fred points to something

The BB's next album cover?

Fred looks at clouds through a telescope

Cromer pier and Fred on the beach

Harry looks out to sea

An anthropomorphic hotdog applies mustard

Cromer pier is heaving

Isobel in a fishmongers

Fred and Harry slurp their new-found favourite drink: slushies

A million bright shiny windmills

The view of the mini amusements from the top of the helter skelter

Fred slides down

Cromer amusements

Harry on a fire engine

The public bogs on the promenade look to be largely their original Victorian

Fred by the bikes

Isobel puts the finishing touches to Fred's sand sarcophagus

Fred the Head

Harry digs a shoe out of the sand

Fred holds up one of his drawings in the Dozy Dormouse

Harry hides under a chair

A gaggle of geese in East Runton

Isobel and the boys bring out a birthday cake

Fred scoots off on one of his many trips to the playground

Fred in 'the pod'

Harry's in his Nest

Fred and Harry do breakferast

The van in camper-van city

Fred pushes his bike up the hill

Fred and Harry climb a tree

Hanging around outside the van

Isobel and Harry return from a trip to see the goats

A final view over the campsite and the deep blue sea

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On the afternoon we arrive, Fred does a recce of the rock pools on the beach at East Runton