Thursday BSCC Bike Rides, Thelnetham and Earl Soham, Suffolk - 31st May 2015

A couple of Thursdays and a couple of bike rides: out to Thelnetham for the first time in ages, on account of the pub having been closed for a year or two, followed by a splinter group visit to the Instanbul Kebab House in Diss. Then, on the following Thursday, it's a trip out to Earl Soham and the ever-reliable Victoria. There's no kebab after this one though.

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Spammy at the bar at the Thelnetham White Horse

Pip, Apple and Paul

Suey takes a photo of a beer pump

The White Horse, Thelnetham

Suey, Marc and The Boy Phil getting ready to saddle up

The Boy Phil orders a kebab

Marc looks glum

Outside Morrisons in Diss, Fred climbs around on some sculptures

Another walk up the leafy avenue to the Cornwallis

Purple flowers in the rain

Fred sticks his hands (and stick) in the air as he walks through nettles

Isobel carries Gabes around

Fred with stick

Droplets of water on a leaf

The BSCC bike gang outside the Victoria

In the Victoria

A milling throng

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Spammy at the bar at the Thelnetham White Horse