Making Dens: Rosie's Birthday, Thornham, Suffolk - 25th April 2015

It's Rosie birthday, and for a nice change rather than it being at Monsters or some other 5th circle of hell location, it's at an outward-bound centre at Thornham Estate and even includes some den building in the woods.

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A nice macro photo of a flower

Boris - stripey cat - close up

There's a sense of humour in the toilets of the leased ex-Virgin train

Fred sits on a wall eating ice cream

Down the Avenue between Eye and Brome Hall

Fred on his bike

Gathering for Rosie's birthday

Mikey P sorts out sausage rolls in the kitchen

Fred hurls himself around in the ball pit

Millions of children

Rosie's Frozen-themed cake

Candles are lit

The outward-bound centre has a comfy-armchair thing going on

Mikey P gets everyone out

Herding the children down to the woods

Fred and his bestest friend Henry hold hands

Martina chats to Harry

Sophie's got a big stick

Mikey P's also got a big stick

Dens are made

Fred finds a cool fungus-encrusted stick

Sophie/Katie/Emily talks to Isabella and Carmen

More building with sticks

Harry looks a little grumpy

Mikey and Andy

Harry strolls ahead of the pack

Harry and Jack survey the Henniker estate

Harry on his first day of actual school-based pre-school

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A nice macro photo of a flower