Johnsons the dry cleaners closes downh

Johnsons the dry cleaners closes downh

The former Two Brewers/Nutbush is up for lease

Christopher Hall is increasingly derelict

The funfair on Fair Green

K6 phone box and the fair on Fair Green

Harry and Fred under an umbrella

Harry heads to Occold village hall

Harry sticks his name on the wall for the last time

Harry in Occold pre-school

We meet up with Isabella in Bloom's café

Site clearance continues in Bethnal Green

Building site near the Mansion Hive

Bright bluegreen graffiti on a tin shed

Orange balloons at Bank Junction

Some sort of circus group at Bank Junction

The circus group perform outside the Bank of England

First on the train again, on a refurbished coach

Jimmy, Andy and Bill in the Trowel and Hammer

Jimmy raises a glass

Andy discusses stuff

Ricey's at the Trowel and Hammer bar

Jimmy and an impressive stash of glasses

We load up into Wavy's car

The road back to the B1123

Harry does a melon smile

Harry gets a huge Playmobil pirate ship

Millie Cat is in Harry's Playmobil box

Fred's Happy Easter card

Harry and his pirate ship

Fred and Harry play with the pirate ship

Harry 'helps' to make a cake

Harry opens some more presents

Harry opens another thing

Harry hides in the Playmobil box

Mikey P and Jack come over

Harry and Fred play with Rosie and Jack

It's time for birthday cup cakes