Closing Down: A Late January Miscellany - 31st January 2015

There's a sort of closing down and dereliction theme going on, which suits the end-of-January weather. Firstly, the Eye police station is once more up for sale, with the plot available for re-development so the existing buildings will no doubt get demolished. Also in Eye, there's a photo of one of our favourite eateries - Lindsay House - which has shut due to retirement. There's a glimpse of the stripey ex-Virgin train that Greater Anglia has leased for two years at a cost of nearly £1 million as it pulls in to Diss station. Also in Diss, a derelict school is discovered hiding behind Mavery House and we have lunch in Amandines for the first time in ages.

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Some glum-looking dogs are tied to a lampost

Gabes messes around in the trolley in Morissons baby-change room

Fred gurns

The boys are a picture of ennui as they wait in the trolley

Outside Little Movers, the camping shop near Diss Station, there's a derelict van

Lindsay House Restaurant

The old officer's quarters next to the cop shop

The other officer's quarters

Eye Police Station main building

The boys run down the Cornwallis's avenue

Millie Cat thinks she's people

Recent graffiti on the wall near Liverpool Street

Graffiti by Repo

Greater Anglia's £1 million train

A derelict school in Diss

Derelict outbuildings near Mavery House

A stack of pallets

Pigeons are living in the roof

Harry roams around

The old Curry's Ltd mosaic porch sign

St. Nicholas Street in Diss is closed

Harry plays with one of his favourite baby toys in Amandines

Fred holds up some sort of Playmobil Ninja

Amandine's curious bicycle

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Some glum-looking dogs are tied to a lampost