Matthew's Birthday up The Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 17th August 2014

It's Matthew's birthday, as well as a BSCC barbeque, up at The Swan. As it's a typical summer day (i.e. about 12ºC) it's held indoors. Making an appearance for the first time is Bill y Carrrrrrmen's sproglet, Isabella.

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Martina and Suey get a go of Isabella

Billy Boy holds up his daughter

Isabella peers around

Carmen and baby

Great-aunt Janice has a go, as Jessica looks away

Oakey Dokey flies a toy helicopter

John and Spammy at the bar

Oakey tries to catch the flying helicopter

And now it's up in the air

Claire has a go

Stubble, all in a line

Piles of cut straw

A rainbow appears over the house

Harry wears Fred's swimming goggles for comedic effect

Gabes has a laff

Some of Isobel's 'circles' collection

Fred looks up

Fred does a pose

Fred makes a tower out of corks

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Martina and Suey get a go of Isabella