A wind turbine of the wheat fields

A wind turbine of the wheat fields

Crowds in Trafalgar Square

A beatboxer does his thing as tourists look on

There's another of those 'floating' statues

Charing Cross station, on a cashpoint quest

Charing Cross station's depatures board

Back in Trafalgar Square

A mobile pulpit and life in bags

Villiers Street off the Strand

SwiftKey's latest innovation session in The Hub

A SwiftKey hack-fest

David looks up

Nosher's robot finger has returned

Coffey does hula-hoop

Lachie does some coding

Ken listens to something on earphones

The SwiftKey inflatable dinosaur

There's plenty of beer around

The network of pipes in the Hub's ceiling

A view of the next-door building

It's all quiet in the morning

SwiftKey in scrabble form

Back in the Libertine - pizza pub

A zebra crossing on Great Suffolk Street

The signs says it: reserved for SwiftKey

Nosher's lunch pizza arrives

A nice 1901 carved sign for Lant Street School

Nice houses on Weller Street

The Lord Clyde - once Truman Hanbury and Buxton

A mini Flatiron building on Marshalsea Avenue

A UX fail - emergency and information are so close

The Poo Tomato plants are coming along nicely

Some dude talks the drive of a Class 31

Network Rail's Flying Banana at Liverpool Street

Class 31 31233 heads out of the station

The Flying Banana has left the building