InnovationDay and June Randomness, London and Elsewhere - 27th June 2014

It's work's "Innovation Day" for two days in London, just off Trafalgar Square in the New Zealand High Commission building, but before that it's time for a Sunday afternoon lunch over the the re-vamped Cornwallis

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previous album: A Weekend in the Camper Van, West Harling, Norfolk - 21st June 2014

The outside accommodation block has a cool new mural painted on it

Frazer - the new owner - shows off the new sunken gardens

Fred bagsies the hammock

Fred finds a feather

Fred and Isobel

Gabes and Grandad roam around

Harry and Fred run up the drive

At Ipswich, two ancient 1960s Class 86 locos go head-to-head

Trafalgar Square is heaving

Lots of weird 'floating' human statues hang around the square

A 'Fat Tire' tour group passes an odd floating Yoda

Blazej hangs around on a traffic island on The strand

At Innovation Day, Nosher starts to dis-assemble a 750G hard drive

A Seagate Barracude 750G hard drive in bits

Innovation occurs at The Hub in Westminster

Blazej looks over

Charing Cross

A cool Beat-Boxer does his thing for the tourists in Trafalgar Square

More beat-boxing, near St Martin in the Fields

Some Chinese scribbling

Late night in The Hub

Nosher's crash spot

A Maori totem

A qwerty keyboard in playing-card form

Nosher heads down to Maplin on The Strand, passing the Strand Palace Hotel

Salieri's interesting gold signwork

Trafalgar fountains

The view down to the Elizabeth Clock Tower ('Big Ben')

A curious black K6 phone box

Craig plays around with a big monitor-as-table

Nosher's 'robot finger' actually types some stuff

More innovation

Blazej makes some adjustments

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The outside accommodation block has a cool new mural painted on it