A Weekend in the Camper Van, West Harling, Norfolk - 21st June 2014

It's the first proper outing of the year for the camper van, and it's a return to the Dower House camp site in West Harling with The Boys

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Fred cycles about

Gabes sucks on his 'molk' and watches Pete Rabbat on the poo pad, from the comfort of his nest

The boys and the van

Fred roams around with a home-made bow and arrow and pretends to hunt wild boar

Isobel and Fred return from a trip to the shop

Fred spends quite a bit of his time cycling around

What sort of person actually spends time washing their fascisto-mobile whilst camping??!

Fred heads off in to the woods

Isobel offers some assistance

West Harling's hidden church

Harry stomps through the hay

The old cooker has moved over to the belfry for some reason

Stained glass

A lecturn

A fragment of some wall painting

The nave of All Saints' Church

Isobel heads off on Fred's bike

Gabes roams around the woods

Harry's found something interesting. It's a woggle

Some dude slurps on Kronenbourg

More painted people

Harry's new chair

Fred has a slide

Harry slides in pyjamas

Next door there's a cool old Mark 1 Ford Escort

More Fred on a bike

An interesting cut-away on a box Leylandii hedge

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Fred cycles about