A May Miscellany, London - 8th May 2014

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The Bloomberg Place development moves skywards

Waiting for the lights to change at Bank Junction by Poultry

Threadneedle Street

A building is demolished in Bethnal Green

Bethnal railway bridge

Runch does some low-key graffiti

Graffiti on a building on Brick Lane

There's a big pile of chopped-up railway outside Liverpool Street

In Flatiron Yard, Southwark, the bin bags are overflowing

London Wall and the Heron Building

The view from the office, and a very shiny building

The Shard and some end-of-the-world skies

Some knob-head parks his fascisto-mobile right on the bike lane on Southwark Bridge Road

A Network Rail engineer srands guard outside the chemical works in Maningtree

Derelict warehouse

More abandoned buildings in Manningtree

In work, Helal carries around a giant inflatable dinosaur

Lucy does a photo-shoot on America Street in Southwark

Tidal mudflats at Manningtree

More derelict buildings

Crumbling buildings

A tangle of rusting pipework

Quir graffiti

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The Bloomberg Place development moves skywards