A Bike Ride to Burston and a Wavy Barbeque, Norfolk and Suffolk - 1st May 2014

It's a Thursday ride for the BSCC bike club - this week it's meant to be out to Gissing, but the inclement weather forces a change to the slightly-nearer Burston Crown. Then, on the following Saturady, Wavy has a mini barbque, as it's Oak's birthday.

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The cycle gang head off up the road from Billingford

Gaz leads the pack

We pause over the Scole Bypass to allow the Saga group to catch up

Just outside Thelveton, there's an old phone-box graveyard

Spammy at the bar in the Burston Crown

It's 'open mic' night in the Crown

Watching the music

The Crown toilets have a retro 1970s sink

Pint o' beer

More musical mayhem

Guitar and vocals

Nosher makes a Play-Doh dinosaur

Nosher and Harry eat a sausage in the van

Gabes in Morissons

Harry gives it some

Wavy's old caravan continues to merge with the ground it's parked on

There's some kind of tree digging

Harry helps out with his spade

Wavy checks the sausages

Poking the fire

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The cycle gang head off up the road from Billingford