An April Miscellany - Diss, Suffolk and London - 10th April 2014

A round-up of randomness

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Isobel considers the lobster in front of her at Lyndsey House Restaurant in Eye

Scooping lobster out with a pointy stick

Nosher's pudding

Scenes from a non-Italian restaurant

On Saturday, Stuston Road/Victoria Road is completely closed by four rozzers, a fire engine and an ambulance

John Willy gets a number three all over

On the ride to work, 'Tower 42' (formerly known as the Nat West Tower) - London's first skyscraper - looms over Old Broad Street

Apple looks over in the Thorndon Black Horse, on the Thursday bike club ride

The 'Saga' table at Thorndon

The boys roam around in Ridgeon's timber shed

A curiously-derelict house on Victoria Road, Diss

Isobel and Harry in Madgett's cycles, Diss

The long-closed Crown in Diss looks like it's coming back to life in some form

...whilst the former Christopher Hill premises gets more and more derelict

Nice door and step in an empty shop

Isobel pushes Gabes up the hill to the car park

Fred walks along, with a stick

On Old Broad Street/Threadneedle Street, sunlight reflects off Bresserie Blanc

Coach B on the 16:00 to Norwich has been substituted with a First Class coach, for the win

Two Class 86s, built in 1966, lurk at Ipswich

Fred likes to stick his toothbrush to the sink

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Isobel considers the lobster in front of her at Lyndsey House Restaurant in Eye