Class 66/7 66721 'Harry Beck' at Ipswich

Class 66/7 66721 'Harry Beck' at Ipswich

The front end of 66721 Harry Beck

The home office is a pile of chaos

The tube map on Class 66 Harry Beck

At The Hub in Westminster, SwiftKey hacks away

More SwiftKey hacking

Packed laptops on a table

Patrick looks intense

Peter lays back on a beanbag

Alex types stuff

Tehmur gets carried away with a photo opportunity

The French cockerel in Trafalgar Square

Wet cobbles around Trafalgar Square

A life in bags, on The strand

Some dude's entire life is strapped to his bike

The opposite end of the spectrum: The Savoy

Someone peers out from the top deck of a bus

Precious in the Hub

There's some writing on the windows

Emanuel types away intently

Time for some soldering, on rainbow ribbon cable

The Raspberry Pi is strapped in to a breadboard

Network diagrams are drawn on the windows

The Hub's functional ceiling

Elly makes pom-poms for some reason

The evening session at The Hub

A Welcome sign backwards

The Hub is quiet at night

6.30am after a night on the floor (or hammock)

The New Zealand High Commission

A vandalised K6 phone box

A Trafalgar lion

A lion and a cockerel

London Underground, almost like the Paris Metro

Early-morning tourists

A time for reflection

The National Gallery

Looking down towards The Houses of Parliament

Looking towards Northumberland Street

Trafalgar statues

The Raspberry Pi writes out to an LCD display

It's snack time in The Hub

Corporate identity

The afternoon session