Christmas Day and all that, Suffolk - 25th December 2013

It's Christmas, and this year we decide to stay small-scale and local and make use of the first part of the grand construction scheme that is sort-of ready - the "conservatory" on the back. Although there's no floor as such and the walls are still naked breeze-block, the doors and windows are in and the roof is on and the builders made a special effort to clear it out for the big day, so it's the site for Christmas lunch. Before then, everyone meets up at the Brome Swan for a traditional Christmas Day beer or two.

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The view from outside Beard's deli on Church Street in Eye

The clock tower of the town hall looms over Eye

A demonstration of extremely crap parking in Eye, courtesy of a Kombat UK van

Back home, the new garage takes shape

The new office, in skeleton form

On Christmas Day morning, Harry plays with some of his new toys

Fred and Harry with a load of new stuff

Harry opens a new toy garage from Grandad

Harry and the Christmas tree

Isobel and Harry, with Marc and Sue behind, wait to cross the A140

In the Brome Swan

Harry, Martina and Wavy

Harry - Baby Gabey - roams around

Wavy's hair explodes like a ball of golden wire wool in the winter sunlight coming through the window

Isobel and Clare

Fred wanders over

Everyday is an adventure for.. Mikey P (oh, and Mike the Knight)

Harry looks a bit pained to be surrounded

Fred gives Marc a high-five

The gates of the Cornwallis, a.k.a. The Oaksmere, are sadly locked up

On a roadsign, a classic 1980s sticker proclaiming 'nuclear power? no thanks'. Trendies in the 80s had the German version - 'Atomkraft? Nein danke' - for extra points

Fred inspects the broken village noticeboard, which appears to have blown over in the various strong winds

A graffiti caravan

Isobel sets the Christmas table in the new room

Fred sticks on a cracker moustache

Time for Christmas dinner

Fred pours a glass of apple juice

Nosher's christmas pudding, on fire (just)

On Boxing Day, down in Thornham, Harry and Fred climb trees

Fred rides the dragon

A view through the brick window of the folly

Harry and Fred

Fungus clings to a tree stump

A bright green fern frond contrasts nicely with a bed of brown leaves

Isobel does a spot of scooting

Harry and Isobel

Fred 'eeny meeny miny moes' the way to go

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The view from outside Beard's deli on Church Street in Eye