A Christmas Party, Brome, Suffolk - 21st December 2013

There's a pre-Christmas party in the "Brome triangle". Nosher is "DJ in residence", which ends up requiring a camera to keep the new mega-TV awake so we can play music through it. Before that, there's a spot of London randomness in and around the office in Southwark, as Nosher heads up to nearby Borough Market to get some things for a Christmas hamper.

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Ben gets his photo taken for some magazine

Down on Borough High Street - the faint remains of an old business sign: 'The monster ready-made and bespoke clothing establishment'

Just outside the office on Southwark Bridge Road, the Piccolo cafe

The Shard

Some dude furtles left-over food from out of the bin

Down on Platform 1 at Diss Station, a tomato plant grows up between the tracks. It came from tomato seeds actually pooed out by a passenger, as the seeds pass through undigested

Random sign on the vacant Thresher off-licence on Mere Street

Clare, Jack and Mikey P

Jack gets a horse on rollers

Isobel and Clare

Andrew and Mikey P eat snacks

There's a small pile of shoes by the door

Chickens and Suzanne

Isobel and Ellie in the kitchen

Party gathering

Gabes roams around amongst the big people

More kitchen action

Fred draws something

Jack looks pensively up the corridor, with his hoover

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Ben gets his photo taken for some magazine