The first measurements take place

The first measurements take place

Emlyn measures up

Chris thinks about stuff

Chris and Joe look at code

The fire door to the back yard

MDF is laid out for cutting in the bike shed

A sheet of MDF near Nosher's bike

Safety first

Emlyn wanders off into the yard

The Shard from Flatiron Yard

The first cut (is the deepest)

Much activity in the common room

Craig checks out the buttons and joystick

Craig with a load of wiring

Emlyn does some sanding

A pile of junk in Flatiron Yard

The MDF looks like a cabinet part now

Emlyn and Jaley

The offcut that remains looks like a giant knob

The Shard, lit up in the dusk

Craig and a load of spaghetti

Coffey and Jaley start to assemble the cabinet

A night view of the City from Southwark Bridge

A load of Santas run across Southwark Bridge

Queen Victoria Street

The Royal Exchange on Threadneedle Street

Looking up Threadneedle Street towards the Gherkin

The purple bottom of Tower 42

An ancient brake wagon at Shenfield

Trackside graffiti

One of the ancient overhead gantries at Shenfield

The M25 as seen from the train

Class 315 'Tin can' commuter trains

More commuter trains

The staff building at Gidea Park

Ilford Station

Trees grow out of the wall at Forest Gate

More trackside graffiti

Silver tags on a brick wall

A dirty Class 57 - 57009 - makes a lot of smoke

The tail end, 57004, smokes past

Overspill from the Crossrail dig

F64 graffiti

The scrapyard on Portland Place

Derelict buildings near the Mansion Hive

A mystery door

Runch graffiti

Spaghetti rails at Liverpool Street

Joe inspects the nearly-finished cabinet

Morning activity in the kitchen area

Craig does some measuring

The cabinet

Joe works on a monitor

Autumn leaves on Southwark Bridge Road

The Shard, from Southwark Street

Under the railway bridge by Redcross Way

Railway bridge on O'Meara Street

An open door reveals some impressive oak beams

A little graffiti detail on a gate

A Scary Mary outside a church

A pile of leaves around pink café furniture

Union Street and the Shard

Coffey and Craig sort the buttons out

The Mint and Gospel Lighthouse Mission

Faded Underground sign on Redcross Way

The Smarties lights on Southwark Street

Nathan Bowen art on building hoardings

A close-up of the 'Smarties'

Underneath the arch on Redcross Way

Backstreet railway arches

Newspapers are laid out for painting

Coffey and Craig start priming the cabinet

Paint is applied

Southwark Bridge Road near the office

Southwark Street on another trip to the shop

Seedy building-site entrance, with Runch graffiti

Hot Munchies street café on Southwark Street

Street art: a nicely modified no-entry sign

A black coat is applied to the cabinet

The office is a hive of activity

Joe and Craig install buttons

There's chaos at Liverpool Street

All the lines are closed, as thousands mill around

The trains at Liverpool Street are going nowhere

Cambridge station has a whole new platform

About 200 people cram Cambridge's platform 6

Queues on the platform at Cambridge

The packed train to Norwich